Photo Contest Rules

By submitting an entry to any of our photo contests, entrants certify that their participation in the contest represents their consent to these rules.

  • Only current employees and contractors of System Transport are eligible to win.
  • Never take photos while you are driving!  Any photos taken while driving your truck will automatically be disqualified, and may subject you to appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Never violate the rules of the road to take a photo.  Always ensure your truck is safely and lawfully parked out of the flow of traffic, and the load properly secured before attempting photography from a safe location.
  • Respect clients’ rules regarding taking photos of their property and on their premises.
  • All entries become the property of Trans-System, Inc., and System Transport and may be used on future advertising, promotions, etc.
  • System Transport reserves sole decision-making authority to select winners, and that decision is final.
  • Entries should be new photos, submitted only once for the current promotion.
  • Photos should be original works, taken by the entrant.
  • Winners are responsible for applicable state and federal taxes on prizes.
  • Each contest (including each week on weekly contests) is a new opportunity to win – enter often, and have fun!

Tips for a great photo:

  • Make sure your truck is clean.
  • Balance the truck with the background.
  • Try creative ways of framing and/or angling the camera.
  • Pay attention to lighting, and watch for shadows across your photo’s focal subject.
  • Watch for reflections.
  • Use your camera’s highest resolution
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