#PrideInYourRide Contest Rules

By submitting an entry to the #PrideInYourRide Photo Contest, entrants certify that their participation in the contest represents their consent to these rules.

  • Only current employees and contractors of Trans-System, Inc. are eligible to win.
  • Never take photos while you are driving! Any photos taken while driving your truck will automatically be disqualified, and may subject you to appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Never violate the rules of the road to take a photo. Always ensure your truck is safely and lawfully parked out of the flow of traffic, and the load properly secured before attempting photography from a safe location.
  • Respect clients’ rules around taking photos of their property and on their premises.
  • No modifications (extra lights, spiked lugs, etc) are allowed on company trucks.
  • All photos submitted become the property of Trans-System, Inc., and may be used on future advertising, promotions, etc., with or without credit.
  • Trans-System, Inc., reserves sole decision-making authority to select winners, and that decision is final.
  • Photos must be original works, taken by the entrant.
  • Entries must be new photos, submitted only once for the current week’s entry and must be date and time stamped (FREE apps available for iPhone and Android devices).
  • A complete entry consists of one photo of the exterior including the wheels and an interior photo of your CLEAN truck, date and time stamped as taken within the current week. Trans-System, Inc., System Transport and its representatives are not responsible for incomplete entries.
  • Entries must be posted to the official System Transport Facebook Page or emailed to Photos@trans-system.com by midnight Saturday to be considered eligible for the preceding week.
  • One monthly winner will be chosen from among all Trans-System, Inc. divisions.
  • Winners are responsible for applicable state and federal taxes on prizes, paid via payroll deduction.

PLUS – every photo you submit will automatically be entered in the #FlatbedFriday weekly photo contest, too.

Each week is a new opportunity to win – enter often, be creative and have fun!

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