Flatbed equipment

#TarpingTuesday: Tips For Flatbed Tarping

#TarpingTuesday: Tips For Flatbed Tarping 1080 1080 System Transport

System Transport Flatbeds are extremely versatile and can carry almost any load type from concrete blocks to mobile homes, machines, lumber or even planes! As a System Transport flatbed truck driver, you will protect your loads with a suitable tarp. System Transport provides all company…

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DOT inspector and flatbed driver looking at clipboard during inspection

3 Tips for Passing a DOT Level 1 Inspection

3 Tips for Passing a DOT Level 1 Inspection 5184 3456 System Transport

Passing a DOT inspection is a regular event in the life of a professional truck driver. However, a failed inspection will cost you on average $851, excluding fines and repair expenses. And that cost can go up – way up. If the inspection results in…

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Flatbed Truck Tire Maintenance

Flatbed Truck Tire Maintenance 1296 792 System Transport

Flatbed truck drivers put more miles on their tires than drivers in any other industry. Hauling tens of billions of cargo pounds over hundreds of billions of road-miles annually, professional drivers understand the importance of truck tire maintenance. INSPECTION Required before and after every trip,…

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phtoo of an electronic logging device

How drivers can benefit from using ELDs in trucks

How drivers can benefit from using ELDs in trucks 1800 1350 System Transport

Widely reported and highly anticipated, December 18th marked the beginning of the phase-in compliance timeline for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule. We at System Transport began the transition in 2009, eight years ahead of the FMCSA rule, because…

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