5 Reasons to Be A Flatbed Driver Right Now!

5 Reasons to Be A Flatbed Driver Right Now!

5 Reasons to Be A Flatbed Driver Right Now! 1080 1080 System Transport

#1 Reason: Flatbed Drivers Haul a Variety of Diverse Products and equipment

System Transport Flatbed trailers are used to move freight that can’t be hauled using a traditional dry van trailer. This freight is often expensive, delicate or awkwardly shaped, so System Transport flatbed drivers use extra caution loading, securing, transporting and unloading the freight they’re hauling. Hauling freight like lumber, glass, and other large freight gives System Transport flatbed drivers more variety in their day. 

All System Transport drivers are prepared to haul specialized freight, through our rigorous paid orientation and training program. We also offer additional training for specific types of freight after drivers complete their orientation. We make sure drivers are prepared to hit the road with confidence and training before getting behind the wheel.

#2 Reason: Variety is the spice of life –  No two days will be exactly the same for Flatbed Drivers 

So you are a problem solver who enjoys the excitement of facing unique challenges every day. Guess what? You are going to love driving flatbed freight for System Transport. We have so many diverse loads that drivers often experience some variation through the weeks. This allows drivers to keep their minds and bodies sharp, working to solve the different challenges of hauling different freight. They say variety is the spice of life – the best part of being a flatbedder is that you likely will not be hauling the same kind of product daily. This means no day is the same.

#3 Reason: Flatbedders experience a more hands-on driving experience

Flatbedders are more active and allow drivers to engage with the freight they haul. Driving a flatbed keeps you healthy and moving vs. long stationary hours in the cab. System Transport flatbed drivers are responsible for securing and tarping goods, regularly checking the load on the road and guess what? They make more money doing it too. Who doesn’t love that? If you are looking for a more physically demanding job that keeps you active and gets you out of the cab, it’s time to consider driving a flatbed for System Transport. 

Flatbedders aren’t just physically more active than other truck drivers, they are more mentally engaged as well. Flatbed drivers are detail-oriented. You will always double-check the loads you have secured to make sure the load is secured correctly. That’s why System Transport provides drivers with best-in-class safety training during our paid orientation to ensure that you are fully prepared when you hit the road as a flatbed driver.

#4 Reason: Gaining on-the-job experience

Flatbedders by nature are more cautious drivers as they often carry precarious or fragile goods that require special attention to detail and training. Flatbed drivers are always extra careful when transporting these types of flatbed loads. Flatbedders increase their driving experience while tackling challenges that expand their skill sets. As a flatbed driver, you’ll learn how to safely maneuver freight in a way that most drivers don’t. These unique driving experiences can help you stand out among other drivers and even open up new career growth opportunities.

#5 Reason: Higher pay potential with accessorials

The specialized nature of flatbed work means that flatbed drivers can usually expect to earn more than standard truck drivers. System Transport’s flatbed drivers earn between $85,967.91 and $103,050.59 a year! Drivers can also earn additional compensation, called accessorial pay, for services performed beyond hauling a load. At System Transport flatbed driver accessorials include:

  • Pick/drop pay
  • Tarp pay 
  • Safety Bonuses every 90 days 
  • Pay Per Mile, and more! 
  • Weekly Pay + Direct Deposit

Are you interested in joining the System Transport Flatbed Fleet?

Are you currently working for a carrier that doesn’t recognize and reward your accomplishments? Are you frustrated with your current pay package and lack of career opportunities where you are right now? Join System Transport! We value our drivers and appreciate the essential work you do. If you’re a flatbed truck driver in the western region or west coast with a CDL Class A License, apply for a System Transport truck driving job today! We can’t wait to hear from you. APPLY NOW >

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