Best Tips for Truckers to Stay in Touch

Best Tips for Truckers to Stay in Touch

Best Tips for Truckers to Stay in Touch 1920 1280 System Transport

The freedom of over the road and long haul trucking are a big draw for a lot of people. But even the most independent truck drivers want to stay in touch with friends and loved ones back home. Calling and texting when you aren’t driving can help, but there are many other creative ways to stay in touch and strengthen those relationships.

Stay in Touch with Technology

Play an ongoing game together online. Phone games like Words With Friends and Uno take little time and commitment to play, and websites like Pogo and Fly or Die have hundreds of free games you can play with others.

There is more to social media than just Facebook. Try keeping an online photo album of interesting things you see on the road along with a description of how work is going. Tumblr and Instagram are both free, available on your phone, and very user-friendly services.

Schedule regular video chats. These can be daily, weekly, or monthly; whatever works. Knowing a phone call or Skype video “date” is coming up on the calendar not only breaks up the monotony of the road for you, it gives you both something to look forward to.

Share Experiences to Stay in Touch

Some truck drivers foster relationships back home by starting mini book or music clubs. Sharing ideas and reactions over a book or musician can be a fun way to stay connected from far away. Together, choose a musician or audio book you want to listen to, and share your experiences on the phone or via Skype.

Create a daily tradition to share with a loved one and document it for each other. Things like having a morning cup of coffee or watching the sunset “together” can make the distance feel less significant. Share your recordings with each other, or share the tradition live via video chat.

Stay in Touch the Old-Fashioned Way

Sending a care package full of small mementos could be a great surprise. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be special. Small things you can find on the road like postcards, silly toys, or even a person’s favorite candy is enough to make them smile and feel special. Like an unexpected birthday gift, a memento or region-specific novelty is a thoughtful way to remind someone that you’re thinking of them.

A posted letter never goes out of style, but you can adjust the form to fit you. No time for long written messages? Try writing one or two sentences a day and send them all at the end of the week so your loved one can see a journal of how your week went.

For over the road and long haul truckers staying in touch is a great way to remind you what you are working for, and for whom. Some of these ideas will take a little extra planning and effort, but it will pay dividends to your relationships while you are away. Download apps, identify post offices along your route, and make plans with the people you want to reach out to while on the road.

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