Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Dispelling Myths

Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Dispelling Myths

Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Dispelling Myths 1920 960 System Transport

There are some misconceptions out there about flatbed team truck driving. We must address these misconceptions so that you don’t get into team truck driving and have your expectations cut short.

Myth 1: Team Flatbed Truck Driving is Stressful

Flatbed Truck Driving is not easy – and yes, it can be stressful but that’s largely dependent on your personality type. Flatbed team drivers experience the same stresses that solo drivers have to overcome; loneliness, disagreements, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and safely operating a flatbed truck during every trip.

But for certain personality types, team driving is not stressful at all. For some drivers, having constant company in the cab on those long hauls is welcome. Typically we find this to be accurate for best-friend team-ups and husband/wife team-ups. Keep in mind even if your partner is your closest friend, you both still have a lot of work to do to practically live together in the truck cab space for hours and days. Whether or not you have a fun team truck driving experience depends on you and your partner.

Myth 2: Team Flatbed Drivers Never Have to Stop

Even while driving with a flatbed team, each individual flatbed driver must abide by all of the hours of service regulations. This means drivers still have a 14 hour on-duty and 11 hour driving clock with a required 30 minute break during their shift. Typically drivers will take their required 8 hour break while their partner drives and vice versa. This is in line with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and their set of regulations it calls the Hours of Service Regulations.

Myth 3: Team Flatbed Drivers Don’t Make More Money Than Solo Drivers

Usually, when compared to solo flatbed drivers, yes – flatbed team drivers make more money. Other factors that affect team flatbed drivers earning potential are your level of driving experience and ability to run the business. But a flatbed driving team is only as strong as the individuals in it. If your team has constant friction within itself, you will be logging far fewer miles and getting paid less. That is why it is always best that drivers team up with someone they already have a good relationship with. You will want to select someone who already knows and accepts your faults. System Transport does not pair team drivers but rather hires already paired-up teams. Things would be a whole lot better for you this way, and the earnings will be great for both of you.

Final Thoughts

If you already know this and it sounds good to you – you’re ready to be a System Transport team flatbed truck driver! System Transport is looking for flatbed teams now! At System Transport, we guarantee a $100,000.00 minimum per year per driver for Flatbed Team Drivers. That’s a guaranteed $200,000.00 per year per 2-person team. As of Nov 2022, we are offering a $10,000 Sign-on Bonus for every 2-person team driver as well. That’s a $5,000 Sign-on Bonus per driver! This offer is limited, so please call and speak with one of our recruiters to learn more by calling (844) 744-6510.

Are you currently working for a carrier that doesn’t recognize and reward your accomplishments? Are you frustrated with your current pay package and lack of career opportunities where you are right now? Join System Transport! We value our drivers and appreciate the essential work you do. If you’re a flatbed truck driver in the western region or west coast with a CDL Class A License, apply for a System Transport truck driving job today! We can’t wait to hear from you. APPLY NOW >

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