Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Pros & Cons

Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Pros & Cons

Guide to Flatbed Team Driving: Pros & Cons 1920 960 System Transport

TEAM Flatbed driving? We take you through what team flatbed truck driving is, the benefits you stand to gain, and some disadvantages. And since team flatbed truck driving is fraught with myths, we also will address some of the most common misconceptions about the job. First, let’s define what team driving is.

What is Flatbed Team Driving?

Team flatbed truck driving is a driving system that pairs flatbed truck drivers in a System Transport flatbed truck so that one driver can rest while the other drives during longer over-the-road routes. These flatbedders can then switch positions at agreed-upon intervals until they get to their final destination. Team flatbed truck drivers run loads with low downtime which results in more miles driven and more revenue for the team drivers.

What Are Over-The-Road (OTR) Routes?

Over-the-road routes are delivery lanes that keep drivers on the road for 2-3 weeks. These routes are ideal for flatbed team drivers who can take turns at the wheel, alternating between driving and resting. Resting is paramount for the safety of drivers and those on the road around you. It is also important to maintain the safety of your flatbed truck and your load. Ensuring you get plenty of rest in between shifts is required by System Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The FMCSA has a set of regulations it calls the Hours of Service Regulations. These rules restrict truck drivers from spending too much time on duty. It forces them to take time off truck driving to protect their lives and the lives of others sharing the road with them. For instance, a truck driver may only be on the road for a maximum of 14 consecutive hours when they’ve had 10 consecutive hours of rest.

Why Flatbed Team Driving?

System Transport team drivering allows for better optimization of routes. One flatbedder takes their 10 hours of rest while the other flatbedder puts in their on-duty shift. Flatbed loads are more quickly hauled from one point to another with team truck driving. And yes, team flatbed drivers make great money!

Pros for Flatbed Team Driving

Consistent Workflow

Flatbed Team Drivers are a good choice for long-haul deliveries because they can deliver more quickly, and then System Transport can assign the truck to another haul more quickly. Flatbed Team truck driving puts you at the sweet spot of truck driving.

Great Pay

System Transport Flatbed Team truck drivers get to spend most of their time on the move. Their breaks are limited to quick restroom visits and any other immediate businesses. The next-gen Kenworth, modern System Transport flatbed truck is always on the road, allowing faster deliveries and a higher level of efficiency. As a result, the System Transport Flatbed Team Drivers earn higher pay. 

At System Transport we guarantee a $100,000.00 minimum per year per driver for Flatbed Team Drivers. That’s a guaranteed $200,000.00 per year per 2-person team. As of November 2022 we are also offering a $10,000 Sign-on Bonus for every 2-person team as well. That’s a $5,000 Sign-on Bonus per driver! This offer is limited, so please call and speak with one of our recruiters to learn more by dialing (844) 744-6510.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Wouldn’t it be easier for you if you didn’t have to back out of a parking lot without someone to scout for you? Imagine having a fellow flatbedder looking out for you and you looking out for them? Shared investment in ensuring your load gets to its destination safely – That’s team driving! 

Imagine having someone trustworthy to watch the flatbed truck and the freight while you quickly get something to eat. Imagine being able to leave your truck to go to the bathroom, without encouraging some idiots with bad intentions to try something stupid on your unattended truck. Truck stops are safer when you are not alone. Ultimately, multitasking is made easier with two pairs of hands. Someone can grab a bite while the other fuels the truck. And the better you work with your partner, the stronger your team. Having an extra hand for tasks that arise is invaluable, especially during the fall and winter months. Two heads are always better than one – especially on long-haul routes.

Never Get Lonely on the Road

Boredom is a challenge for long-haul solo truck drivers who go most of the day without talking to anyone. System’s flatbed team driving will allow you to have someone you can chat with while you drive to keep your mind occupied.

Team truck driving allows you to explore the world with a partner and still have them share experiences. If you are on a trip with a friend or a spouse, flatbed team truck driving gives you more than enough opportunities to spend quality time together.

Disadvantages of Flatbed Team Driving

You Are Not Alone on the Road

Having a driving partner around constantly can easily become a disadvantage depending on your personality type. Need some alone time? That is not going to happen when you are on a long haul route for 2-3 weeks at a time. You will be sharing that truck cab with your team driving partner the entire time. The close quarters of a truck may be tough to deal with if you are looking for some privacy.

Shared Authority Duties

When transitioning from solo flatbedder to flatbed team driver, there are many things you might have to forgo. One such thing is the autonomy of your decisions. Simple decisions like what to listen to on the radio, and when and where to eat no longer belong to you alone to make. Instead, you and your team driving partner have to agree on every single thing. Therefore you should partner with whomever you are most compatible with. Otherwise gear up for a lot of quarrels about cab temperature preferences, break schedules, and sleeping frequencies.

Your Route Will Feel VERY Long if You Don’t Like Your Partner

Stuck with a flatbed team driving partner you don’t enjoy working with? You are in for a tough day. The limited cab space becomes even smaller and their every action could begin to irritate you. However, since you can’t do the trip without them, you are stuck with them for the duration of the haul. Trips like this are never pleasant.

System Transport hopes you understand how team flatbed truck driving fetches you more guaranteed income and other enticing benefits. And while you look forward to all these benefits we hope you also take into consideration the disadvantages of team flatbed driving. Is this the right opportunity for you? We hope so!

System Transport is looking for flatbed teams that have considered both the pros and cons of team driving and are ready to take advantage of this great opportunity with System Transport!

Are you currently working for a carrier that doesn’t recognize and reward your accomplishments? Are you frustrated with your current pay package and lack of career opportunities where you are right now? Join System Transport! We value our drivers and appreciate the essential work you do. If you’re a flatbed truck driver in the western region or west coast with a CDL Class A License, apply for a System Transport truck driving job today! We can’t wait to hear from you. APPLY NOW >

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